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Nov 22, 2018

New here


Wanted to introduce myself. My olegtron 4060 mk2 just arrived and I am experimenting. Very excited about the prospects. I also have a koma field kit and am hoping to combine capacities for some acousto-electric experimentation. Hopefully more join this forum at some point lol. That is all for now

Nov 24, 2018

So I am trying to experiment but so far all I've been able to do is passively send sound through and light up a few LEDs, I was also able to use the current pot to shift tuning channels on my cv radio. Are there any sample patchs I can view to star wrapping my head around this?

Nov 24, 2018

Also, how are the patch bays linked. Is each colored section completely linked or are the rows and columns discriminent.? When I used the divider sections to pass an incoming signal from the I/0, it didn't matter where I patched, any of them passed signal to a cable linked to the Tip of an output.

Dear Psi, sorry for the late reply!


I hope you made got further with the experimenting! Quick answer to your questions:


The patch bay is color coded so that sections are distinguishable: red part is the power supply section, the yellow single column in between is a reset input, then the blue section is 10 octaves of square wave, the green section is the main oscillator's terminals, and the last two yellow columns provide rising and falling ramp-ish waveforms. Each column consists of 8 times the same terminal.


I would start ny patching a signal from the blue section or the yellow ramp-ish columns to TIP of one of the jacks, then connec that to the field kit cv input. After that it's best to just start sticking components between different columns in the coloured patch bay. The components will change the output signal according to their value, and the CURRENT-dial.


There are no sample patches on-line, but I strongly encourage to upload them here, either as a photo or a drawing in the patch card.



New Posts
  • I have been looking for something different in my Studio to generate Sci-Fi Noise to go along with my NanoSynth NS1 & Kastle Bastl since they share the same type of Patching Cables. So far i really like this 4060 MK2. It's a Must have for every Studio. I posted my 1st Video on YT. I hope you like.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asB-zqcMWAc
  • I see it's a little quiet here in the forums, but figured I'd drop in... Got the 4060 mk2 a couple of months ago and love it! Having a lot of fun, I love using it to control my 0coast in particular. I just bought a Bastl Kastle 1.0, and it's a lot of fun also (although obviously not quite as open ended as the 4060). They both use the same jumper cables, but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on using them together. Is there anything I should be watching out for concerning where I'm sending voltage? Do I need to worry at all about grounding? I also know that the Kastle can't take anything that might spike the voltage too high like a capacitor, but would there be a way to work around this? I imagine it would require using an expanded breadboard and figuring out a circuit...
  • Have any of you been using the 4060mk2 as a CV source? I am finding the possibilities to be endless.