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Confusor - 4-channel signal routing module


Olegtron Confusor - the predecessor of Confusor 2 - has got the same working priciple: signals input at the top row are confused by switches in the middle and output at the bottom row. The original Confusor lacks the gate inputs, so it's not automatable. But it still works nicely in changing your patch on the fly. There's a bunch of other differences to Confusor 2: module width, a difference in the order of the bottom row jacks, and that the normalization of the input jacks is in reverse order. Probably the most significant difference is in the price, to help you decide ;) Details:

  • 9 HP wide, depth 45mm, measured from the back of the front panel

  • There's no limit on the signals, as long as they are Eurorack compatible (within +/- 12V)

  • 10 to 16 pin Eurorack power cable included

  • Aluminum front panel with black silkscreen, manufactured by Grayscale

  • Factory manufactured PCB, wave soldered

  • RoHS compliant

  • The original Confusor is part of a R&D project supported by Creademo/Avek.

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