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Confusor 2


Olegtron Confusor 2 is an automatable signal routing module for Eurorack. With Confusor 2 you can rearrange the patch without disconnecting the cables. There are 4 inputs (top row) and 4 outputs (bottom row), and the signal paths between them are altered with 4 analog switches. The analog switches are operated with toggle switches and external gate inputs (in the middle).


The toggles and gate inputs work separately, but you can also use them simultaneously. When used together, the toggle reverses the state of the gate input. The gate inputs don’t latch, meaning they follow the input signal in real time. Please note also, that the gate inputs are namely controlled with 0 to 5V logic levels, but you can (and should) feed them ANY Eurorack signal safely!


The user interface shows a simplified diagram of the signal paths: the two switches on the top flip the inputs 1&2 and 3&4, and the two switches below flip the outputs 1&4 and 2&3. There are 16 different switch combinations, or permutations to be exact, and they result in 16 different routings. As the picture above illustrates, no signal gets lost, mixed or split in the process: in every permutation all 4 inputs are routed to different outputs.

The inputs are normalized according to the small curved arrows on the top row. If you wish to leave some inputs open (floating), start patching the inputs from right to left. If you wish to multiply the signal to more than one input, start patching the inputs from left to right. You can also combine the two methods.

FYI for DIY people: There are 4 input pins on the inside, that are normalized to the gate input jacks. You can connect signals from other modules here. The connection breaks when something is plugged to the jack.

  • 10 HP wide, depth 45mm, measured from the back of the front panel

  • There's no limit on the signals, as long as they are Eurorack compatible (within +/- 12V)

  • 10 to 16 pin Eurorack power cable included

  • Aluminum front panel with black silkscreen

  • Factory manufactured PCB

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