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Baron von Pooppenstein
Sep 21, 2018
In Olegtron 4060
So, one rather breezy spring evening I find myself quite bored at my workshop. While searching for something interesting to do, I realize that it would probably be such great fun to do some espionage. As my physique isn't suitable for the fast paced action of MI6, I realized I could still follow my dreams of industrial espionage by reverse engineering something I value dearly. And thus, this thing was born. Fast forward 3 months, skipping the meticulous tracing and quite baffling confusion (due to some rather unorthodox component choices), let me present to you the cleaned up version of Olegtron 4060 v1 schematic! Due to not being able to upload PDFs on this forum, here it is as a pretty little picture. Published with permission from Olegtron, and with extreme gratitude to him for creating this magnificent beast. This includes both starve and frequency CV mods for those control voltage lovers.
Industrial Espionage (reverse engineering the 4060 mk1) content media

Baron von Pooppenstein

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