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Dec 13, 2018

CV Potentials


Have any of you been using the 4060mk2 as a CV source? I am finding the possibilities to be endless.


New Posts
  • I have been looking for something different in my Studio to generate Sci-Fi Noise to go along with my NanoSynth NS1 & Kastle Bastl since they share the same type of Patching Cables. So far i really like this 4060 MK2. It's a Must have for every Studio. I posted my 1st Video on YT. I hope you like.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asB-zqcMWAc
  • I see it's a little quiet here in the forums, but figured I'd drop in... Got the 4060 mk2 a couple of months ago and love it! Having a lot of fun, I love using it to control my 0coast in particular. I just bought a Bastl Kastle 1.0, and it's a lot of fun also (although obviously not quite as open ended as the 4060). They both use the same jumper cables, but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on using them together. Is there anything I should be watching out for concerning where I'm sending voltage? Do I need to worry at all about grounding? I also know that the Kastle can't take anything that might spike the voltage too high like a capacitor, but would there be a way to work around this? I imagine it would require using an expanded breadboard and figuring out a circuit...
  • Wanted to introduce myself. My olegtron 4060 mk2 just arrived and I am experimenting. Very excited about the prospects. I also have a koma field kit and am hoping to combine capacities for some acousto-electric experimentation. Hopefully more join this forum at some point lol. That is all for now